Why Mobile Marketing Is Crucial in Today’s Marketplace

Mobile marketers need to step up their game in today’s marketplace. Smartphone adoption is continuously and rapidly increasing. Currently, around 80% of all mobile phone users use smartphones.

Accordingly, smartphones and tablets surpassed desktops as the primary gadget that people use to access the Internet, but people do not simply use their mobile phones to surf the net. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to purchase items as well. It is estimated that mobile devices will soon account for at least 60% of all e-commerce visits. What do these trends mean for you as a marketer? Just exactly why is mobile marketing crucial in today’s marketplace?

Mobile Messaging Is a Marketing Tool

First, mobile messaging is becoming the “it” medium. Short message services (SMS), which are increasingly becoming app-based, are slowly emerging as official marketing and commercial platforms. They also show higher and faster open rates compared to email. If you’re involved in the digital marketing for your business then you should seriously consider tapping into these messaging platforms to engage with customers.

Mobile Is Part of the Purchasing Process

Second, customers, especially millennials, are using their mobile phone while shopping as part of the purchase process. Businesses with mobile campaigns guiding the customers from product introduction to sale enjoy significant growth in revenue. You should consider adopting mobile platforms in your couponing, promotions, loyalty rewards and membership, payments, and other marketing efforts.

App Streaming Makes it Easier to Accomplish Tasks on Mobile

Third, apps are expected to become even more popular due to Google’s Instant Apps. On this platform, apps will become available in a streaming-like feel, with no download and installation needed. Apps have always been useful for businesses in terms of collecting customer data and engaging with them. With Google’s new platform, you need to create effective one-time, single-use apps that can maximise your customer engagement and conversion.

Video Ads Are a Growing Market

Fourth, mobile video ads will be the next big thing for marketers. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, videos will soon accommodate 82% of all consumer Internet traffic. Marketers have also reported increasing marketing effectiveness for strategies that include videos. So with that in mind, it may pay for you to increase resources allocated to the creation of videos to boost brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty.

In past decades, businesses and marketers alike hesitated to beef up mobile marketing. Some even questioned the marketing budget allocated to the medium. Smartphones and mobile devices have established themselves as the dominant go-to device for Internet connectivity and e-commerce. Mobile marketing is proving itself useful for marketers due to mobile messaging, in-store mobile usage, apps, and video ads. While mobile marketing was previously considered as an add-on to web-based digital marketing, it has now become a crucial marketing platform.

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