Why Is Inbound Marketing More Successful Than Content Marketing or Growth Hacking?

Inbound marketing provides a way to bring quality leads and traffic to both your business and your website and promote the growth of the two through the interests of others (accomplished through social sharing, business reviews and more). In comparison to this, growth hacking’s core focus is generating customers, without regards to profits, search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing, etc. The third strategy, which is known as content marketing, is a one-way focus where you attempt to promote your website through content only. In this article we will take a closer look at why inbound marketing is more successful than content marketing and growth hacking.

A Quick Breakdown of the three marketing Strategies

Before we can delve into the why, it’s important to quickly explain what we are talking about.

Inbound marketing

This includes social sharing actions from others, likes on social media, business reviews, website reviews, word of mouth, etc. It grows your traffic and your business without costly marketing. The audience does the work for you.

Content marketing

This includes content only like social media marketing (SMM) through posts and ads, SEO blogs, SEO website content and any other content to market your business and website.

Growth hacking

This does not utilise anything specific, but focuses on ideas that can grow the business without regards to restrictions, costs, etc. It’s mostly an action-based and logic-based operation and uses any creative techniques it needs to grow the business, which is not targeted.

Inbound Marketing Is Key to Success

Marketing-Schools.org states that an audience, which is accustomed to Internet technology and usage, naturally engages more with inbound marketing materials over other strategies. Inbound marketing creates the audience without the costly expenses of guessing the right ads or the right quality and optimisation of content that content marketing requires.

Inbound Grows Your Audience Efficiently and Affordably

Your inbound content efforts let others promote your business and website naturally, without the stipulations and budgets of content marketing. You may have to use a little content marketing to get the “inbound” pipeline flowing, but then it takes off and does the rest for you. Unlike content marketing, you do not have to try to determine your audience. It chooses you. As for growth hacking, it may or may not hold a specific audience or even target one.

Understanding the Inbound Marketing Process

Inbound marketing starts with several content target plans for various audiences and you accelerate your efforts on the ones that are working the best. You run with the ones that people seem to like. The audience will then promote the business for you through social channels, reviews, etc. This expands your growth base compared to growth hacking. It also reduces ad expenses and consumed time compared to content marketing strategies.

Inbound and Social Power

Inbound efforts have the advantage of social power to discover other’s interests, what they like, and what you have that they like so that you can capitalise on it in your inbound marketing strategy, as well as use it for other marketing efforts. This means that a lot of your content marketing requires inbound marketing first in order to capitalise on it.

Inbound Requires Less Effort and Time

Inbound methods do require content, but they do not need to be constantly reviewed and adjusted in order to maximise traffic like content marketing methods. Using content marketing for your website is good, but it can be a hit or miss as you hope to get the readers to view and respond to your pages. Therefore, inbound strategies take the lead.

While content marketing’s primary goal is to increase the web traffic audience through better search rankings, call-to-actions (CTAs), landing pages, SEO content optimisation, and ads; inbound only uses some of those tactics and does it with less effort and time.

Inbound is much more successful than content marketing because all your efforts are targeted towards ideal customers. This identifies what works and what does not. It naturally leads to increased audience growth at a more affordable budget.

Harness that Power of Social Media

When it comes to inbound marketing’s social media component, it allows sharing, which is a way for you to share events, content, contests, and news that others are interested in. The social media aspect can also advertise for you on autopilot as the audience shares those social media images, content, contests, new products, and news to others who may be interested. Content marketing does not really have a social media strategy, but it may get some sharing of content if the viewers attach it to media sharing sites.

Inbound marketing is a tool to discover your audience’s interests and monetise them through other marketing ventures. Content marketing does not have that kind of feedback, nor does growth hacking. It’s a more effective way to analyse your marketing efforts and prove return on investment (ROI). Once you have set up an effective inbound marketing strategy, you are able to attract, convert, close and satisfy your ideal customers. An added bonus to this is that you can use that information in your other marketing efforts too.

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