How To Reach Your Target Audience Through A Successful PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click Advertising can make or break a small business. Even when your company is large and can absorb significant advertising costs, you are wasting your advertising budget when you don’t optimise your PPC campaign. To reach your target audience, your ads must cater to their specific needs. Careful testing of each of your ads is necessary, and you will need to constantly monitor ads for their overall effectiveness. As you try to grow your business through a targeted PPC campaign, it’s time to learn more about ad testing, setting demographic data, and reviewing ad traffic.

Testing Your PPC Ads One Step at a Time

While you may be able to easily see that one particular ad in a campaign is resulting in more clicks or conversions, it’s important to determine why. In order to properly A/B test your ads, you start with one ad that is performing sufficiently. Take the ad and make one small change. You might change the title, the image used, or the tagline. Even a change of a few words can make a difference.

Run both ads simultaneously to see which one performs better. Once you discover the better ad, this is labelled your ‘A’ ad. Make a small change, creating a new ‘B’ ad. Run your A and B ads at the same time once again, and see which one is better. This can be done numerous times to give you the best ads possible for your campaign. It can be a tedious process, but it’s a process that will allow you to see exactly how and why your ads are performing.

Know Your Demographics

When you know your demographics, you know who you are trying to market to. Spend some time thinking about your typical customer. Consider how they relate to the world in general. Think about how your demographic spends money, and what is important. It’s always beneficial to create customer personas so that you can write content specifically for your customer with guidance.

Once you have developed customer personas, market to these people. Use the PPC campaign settings to target your demographic. Weed out those that would never be interested in what you have to sell. For example, if you are a locally owned cafe, you don’t want to spend money on ads that are targeting people that aren’t locals. You can accidentally choose settings where you are showing ads throughout the country, even though your potential customers likely live within a few kilometres of your business.

Keep Monitoring Your Ads

Sometimes an ad that results in many conversions for a month or two begins to fall flat. When you are paying attention to your ad campaigns, you will notice when a solidly performing ad starts to lose it’s effectiveness. Once an ad stops working well, it’s time to do more A/B testing to see if you can create another ad that is once again optimised for the customers you want to reach.

Keep Track Of Your Budget

As you monitor your ads, don’t lose sight of your marketing budget. While you may get excited over page likes or website traffic, if these aren’t converting to sales, you are missing out on the most vital piece of any successful PPC campaign. You may be tempted to spend more of your budget on page likes, but conversions are your real goal. Pay attention to how your ads are bringing in business, as this is where your true focus should be.

A successful marketing campaign is never static. While you may find an ad that works for a while, you can’t rest and expect your business to flourish. Pay attention to your ad campaigns and always look for ways to improve. When you take the time to identify the characteristics of your basic customer and you cater to their needs, you will find that your marketing efforts are more successful.

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