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Paws 4 Change

Paws 4 Change​Paws 4 Change has been a beacon for canine-assisted learning and community engagement since its inception in 2014. Their in-person award-winning programs have made significant strides in promoting resilience and mental well-being. However, in a world that’s increasingly digital, Paws 4 Change realised it was time to take their impactful programs online. That’s where we came in!

The Challenge

Paws 4 Change approached us with a clear goal: to transition their successful in-person program into a robust online platform. They needed a seamless, engaging digital experience that could replicate the effectiveness of their in-person initiatives. Our mission was to build this online presence from the ground up, ensuring it would not only attract but also nurture and convert leads effectively.

Our Solution

We dived headfirst into the project with a comprehensive approach:

  1. Avatar Research: Understanding the target audience is crucial. We conducted extensive research to create detailed customer avatars, helping us tailor the platform to meet the specific needs and preferences of their audience.
  2. Lead Magnets: To attract potential leads, we developed compelling lead magnets. These included free resources like eBooks and surveys. The goal was to provide value upfront, encouraging visitors to engage with the platform.
  3. Sales Funnel: We built a streamlined sales funnel designed to guide leads through a journey—from initial interest to final commitment. Each step was optimised to keep users engaged and moving forward.
  4. Email Nurturing Sequences: Once leads were in the funnel, we didn’t just let them sit there. We crafted personalised email nurturing sequences to keep them engaged. These sequences included welcome emails, educational content, success stories and gentle reminders about taking the next step.


statsSince the launch eight weeks ago, Paws 4 Change’s new online platform has been nothing short of a success. Here are the highlights:

  • 93 Warm Leads: The platform attracted 93 warm leads, individuals who showed genuine interest and were likely to convert.
  • 13.98% Conversion Rate: Out of these leads, an impressive 13.98% converted into active participants in Paws 4 Change’s online program.

The transformation of Paws 4 Change’s in-person program into a digital powerhouse is a shining example of how traditional programs can thrive online with the right strategy and tools. By leveraging avatar research, engaging lead magnets, a well-crafted sales funnel, and personalised email nurturing sequences, we helped Paws 4 Change not only maintain but amplify their impact.

Paws 4 Change is now poised to continue their mission with an even broader reach. We’re proud to have been a part of their digital journey and look forward to their continued success!

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