5 Ways to Amplify Your Brand Voice on Social Media

It’s not enough to have your brand ably represented on social media. There are millions of brands already there, but what separates you from the lot is your unique voice that’s also audible enough to come out of the noise.

Your unique voice should be reflected in all your posts, tweets, images, and videos as you go about your routine on social media.

It should also reflect the values your brand holds to high esteem, and its unique selfless culture. And again, it’s rowdy on social media so you have to be audible which starts by amplifying your voice with some of the tips that will be shared in this post.

Get your voice amplified with the tips below.

1. Define your core values

You might have done this on your website, but you need to bring it down to social media. Part of being audible through the noise is making a strong statement of who you are and what you stand for as a brand.

This will help your audience identify with you better and pledge their loyalty.

Furthermore, your core values aren’t all about what you stand for or represent, they’re also about what you don’t do and what you can’t be found associating with.

You need to make this known through your social media posts so your followers know you’re the first port of call when it comes to certain areas of business that align with your values.

2. Capitalise on similar core values shared with experts

There are experts and thought leaders who share similar values with your brand. Capitalise on them to make your voice louder.

Inject a few of their popular mantras into your posts organically and with hashtags.

Most people love to associate with the big names, and if your brand is saying something similar to what the big names are saying, use that to your advantage.

It makes your voice on social media more credible and soon your followers will begin to associate your brand with class and quality.

Since you speak the same language as some of the leading voices in the industry, they might just perceive your brand as a protege, and you never can tell how much results this could generate for you.

3. Be selfless

Your audience needs to feel loved by their brand. This love should be reflected daily in every content item that you feed them.

Although once in a while you could throw a few selfish accomplishments, make every post about your audience.

Show them how much you care. Let them understand you won’t be in business without them, let them feel that they are the live wire of the business, inflate their ego, make them feel too important, be customer-centric, and your voice will be louder.

4. What you say and how you say it are different

Tone matters in the few words you’ll be using to feed your audience in social media posts. What you’re saying isn’t as important as how you’re saying it. Unless it’s a video post, you can be easily misinterpreted.

Your post could be sounding harsh and too strict but the message is still there and won’t be heard.

If you’re telling someone to come to buy what you’re selling, no matter how good the product is, if you’re raising your voice with a sense of pride in your gut, the buyer will pass.

But if you come humbly with some sense of humour or jovial mood, concern, and sincere love to satiate the need of the buyer, you’ll pique their interest.

The same goes for your voice on social media. Some words are a little sensitive than others, some are too rigid and harsh, and you might be hurting your audience.

Choose your words wisely because it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it.

5. Be 70% informal and 30% formal

By being informal, you relate with your audience like you were their friend from college or around the neighbourhood.

Think of your brand as a person and not as a business entity to get a proper hang of how to go about this.

But then you still need to add a dash of formality so they won’t mistake you for a clown.

It’s risky sounding too informal and losing your touch with professionalism. Blend them in a 70:30 ratio and amid the uproar, some people can still hear your voice.

Business isn’t just about transactions, it can lead to meaningful relationships from an online perspective, and you need to integrate that relational aspect into the online process.


Social Media is one of the busiest places online for digital marketing. It’s rowdy and everyone’s voice is up in the air. You need to be strategic for your voice to be heard and that involves deploying some tactics that can make your voice stand out and be heard across all platforms where you market your products.

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