5 Reasons Your Business Needs LinkedIn

This world is a breeding ground for bright ideas and brilliantly allows entrepreneurs and prospective employees alike to find each other and build something beautiful. Back in the day, entrepreneurs would have to submit actual letters and proposals to the powers that be, and individuals seeking employment would have to hand-write resumes and cover letters. Fortunately, technological advancements of the present have facilitated an easier flow between people seeking employment and those dispersing it.

Among the most innovative and useful platforms to have emerged during this tech boom is LinkedIn. These days, a LinkedIn profile is like a second resume, a former companion to the standard one which can now be conveniently sent by email. However, LinkedIn has crossed the line from being a useful tool for employees to an equally valuable one for businesses. Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you could benefit heavily from having your brand on LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn Is Already #3 Among Business Owners

This humble platform has shot up through the ranks since its inception, clocking in at #3 as far as usage among business owners. The increase in popularity is, of course, due to the booming success found by employees using the platform. It is a reciprocal relationship that benefits a company as much as it does an employee. With so many prospective employees already on LinkedIn, it makes all too much sense to eliminate the middleman and directly connect both parties through this unassuming titan of a platform.

2. The Platform Is A Hotbed For New Talent

Many forms of employment are facilitated through good names and word of mouth. References are a key element in the hiring process, but what about the fresh-out-of-university genius with a wealth of fruitful ideas but no work experience? LinkedIn provides a brilliant opportunity for new talent to put their skills to use and make a name for themselves in their respective industries, regardless of experience or lack thereof.

3. Product Launches

Originally viewed as simply a source to connect potential employers with potential employees, LinkedIn has transformed into a multi-faceted platform that can benefit businesses. Recent studies have shown that LinkedIn is particularly effective at boosting the visibility of product launches. A strong start to any business or product launch is instrumental for its success down the road, and LinkedIn has been shown to provide a multitude of benefits when utilised from the get go.

4. LinkedIn Is Bigger Than Facebook

Of course, going by the actual consumer base, Facebook is still way bigger than LinkedIn. However, B2B marketers have found wildly lucrative success with LinkedIn, in a way that Facebook has been unable to match to date. Sorry, Zuckerberg, but all the data mining in the world has turned out to be for nothing in the B2B world. A recent study has shown that 42% of B2B marketers have placed LinkedIn on their short list of go-to resources.

5. Generating Leads For Businesses

Leads are a crucial part of generating both interest and revenue in a company. LinkedIn has excelled in this field, providing an incomparable quantity of leads to businesses that have reached out for their service. Hubspot have reported that studies have shown favourable data for the platform, stating that lead generation on LinkedIn beat out their competitors by as much as 2.74 percent. These numbers, of course, are subject to change over time but are impressive nonetheless.

These are but just a few of the advantages your business could benefit from LinkedIn. There are many other reasons your business would be wise to align itself with LinkedIn.

Not sure where to start or how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile? We’d be happy to help you- so get in touch (we don’t bite)!

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