4 Tips For A Successful Website Conversion Funnel

If you read the title of this article and asked yourself, “What’s a conversion funnel?” you’re already way behind. The conversion funnel is the part of your website focused on directing customers toward a favourable outcome for your business- and ideally, every part of your website should serve some function in this funnel. The goal is that users are inevitably drawn downward toward the outcome you’re looking for- most likely a purchase, or at least an opt-in to an email list. Here are a few suggestions for making your website funnel the best it can be.

1. Improve Your Landing Page

The page that users see when they access your site does a lot to affect their perception of your product or service. You should be observing all metrics regarding the bounce rate for your site’s landing page, including what route people are taking that most often results in them leaving your page immediately. Are people reaching your site from referrals often discouraged by what you have on your landing page? If so, you need to make sure your referral links accurately reflect what you’re selling- and if they’re on point, maybe your landing page is too obtuse. If there’s something uninviting about the design; that could also be responsible for a high bounce rate so you should make changes ASAP.

2. Consider Multiple Pathways

Not everyone moves through your website the way you anticipate. When we talk about landing pages, we assume people are ending up on your site’s homepage, but if you host a blog, or have individual pages for products, they might directly access this page from Google. You should know if this is happening by checking your traffic sources, and you should also make sure people can clearly follow the path toward a conversion regardless of what page they land on or what they click next.

3. Incorporate Calls to Action

If you want your website to be purpose driven, sometimes it’s best to be explicit about what you want from your visitor. That means using calls to action, strongly worded suggestions to your site’s reader. “Enter your email address now to start saving on groceries!”, for example, is a strong call to action. A page with informative content on your product might keep a user reading, but it serves a bigger purpose if paired with an opportunity for the reader to save on their purchase by acting now.

4. Upsell Whenever Possible

Once you’ve got someone interested in making a purchase, you’re in prime position to add to your profits. Conduct a little data dive to see what people are purchasing in pairs, and add a tab for people to pair these items with a single click. Offer discounts on shipping when people buy a certain amount of items. If you’re offering a service, discount people when they buy a multiple-month package. The art of the upsell can make your sales funnel formidable.

Think of your site as a funnel. Your customers collect at the top, attracted by a wide array of sources, and your site funnels them toward a common outcome: a conversion. The above suggestions can help get you closer to that goal.

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